Laser Cavity Detection DIAGNOdent

The DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic device that aids the dentist in making treatment decisions with confidence. Unlike traditional diagnostic methods, DIAGNOdent is an extremely accurate and reliable adjunct for the detection of sub-surface caries. It removes the guesswork that accompanies many treatment decisions regarding questionable areas, such as stained or discolored grooves.

DIAGNOdent offers the following benefits to us, our hygienist and our patients:

  • Accurate – Up to 90% accurate in aiding the detection of lesions not detectable with an explorer or bitewing X-rays.
  • Conservative – Prevents “exploratory” excavation or under-treatment of suspect teeth.
  • Quantifiable – Reliable measurement allows objective monitoring of caries activity over time.
  • Confidence Builder – Allows dentists and hygienists to treat questionable sites and sub-surface caries with confidence.
  • Empowering – Allows hygienists to educate patients on the caries (decay) disease process.